Where People are concerned, so are we

We want everyone who works with us, wherever they are, to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect. Because everything we achieve as a business we achieve through people.

Shomotha Bangladesh

Safe workplaces through gender equality

Gender Brochure

We have successfully bid for funding to undertake a project as part of the TGVCI (Trade in Global value Chains Initiative) jointly funded by DFID (Department for International Development) and N Brown Group. The project will focus on gender sensitisation of workers and managers in 10 of our garment factories in Bangladesh.

Breaking the Cycle

Sponsoring girls through secondary education in Bangladesh

Breaking The Cycle UK

Breaking the cycle leaflet

Breaking the Cycle raises funds to support continued education of secondary school girls from financially disadvantaged families in Greater Sylhet, Bangladesh. N Brown is proud to sponsor 30 girls for 5 years through this programme to be able to give something back to this community.

ACT – Action Collaboration Transformation

Addressing the issues of living wages in the textile and garment sector

N Brown Group is a member of ACT (Action, Collaboration, Transformation) which is an initiative between international brands & retailers, manufacturers and global trade unions to address the issues of living wages in the garment sector.

ACT Factsheet